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1 ON 1 Live Online Tutoring

Carving your way to better grades.

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1 ON 1 Live Online Tutoring

Carving your way to better grades.

In the modern world, online tutoring is the best option, even though in-person meetings are always preferred when possible. Even when we’re not in an era of social distancing, there’s nothing like calling up a tutor on-demand.

Welcome to the online learning platform, where we keep students informed and simplify the learning process. This Learn from Your Level of Comfort website is for young brains out there, and it was established by Gradify to transform the difficulties of COVID-19 into an opportunity by providing the best online tutoring services. We undertake one-on-one courses with our students and adjust our method of instruction to fit your comfort level.

At Gradify Tutors, we customize our plans to suit every learning need, ensuring that each student gets the support they need to excel in their studies. In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for personalized learning and top-notch education is higher than ever. Recognizing this, Gradify Tutors has emerged as a top online tutoring service, dedicated to providing students worldwide with affordable, excellent academic assistance.

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Personalized Learning Plan

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. Gradify is an exact match for what you’re looking for. We provide the best online tutoring platform and create an individual plan based on each student's goals for learning and match them with the most suitable tutor for their needs. We use engaging pedagogy of teaching and design and refine the best methods for student’s success in online learning. Gradify solves your all problems no matter whether you’re stumped by an algebra equation or crave for confidence boost. We are here to work day in and day out for your success. We will create a personalized learning plan based on your specific needs and goals.

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Certified Teachers

Our tutors are all certified with a minimum of five years of teaching experience. Learn from world-class expertise as we only recruit tutors of the highest quality. All our professional tutors are experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and patient and graduated from the top universities in the world and are experts in online tutoring. When it comes to tutoring a child and our tutors are fully equipped to prepare effective sessions. Having knowledge of a particular topic is one thing but explaining this knowledge to a child in bite-size digestible pieces is another skill that comes from experience. Our vetted teachers are readily available on call and provide regular feedbacks of the performance of your wards.

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Better Grades Start here

As it is surveyed that the brain grasps quicker in online learning as compared to its counterparts. One of the main reasons behind the students not scoring good grades in school is that they are deprived of one on one attention from their teacher in a group class. On the other hand, in our online tutoring classes at GRADIFY, your child will get the undivided attention of our tutor, who has infinite potential for students. This will facilitate him/her effectively grabbing complex concepts and performing better in class. Our 1:1 concept tailors learning support they need to master concepts, build self-confidence and excel academically.

Why Choose GRADIFY?

Cost-effective Packages: For student’s academic development, we provide affordable tutoring packages for kids that suit a range of finances.

Customized Education: Our tutors communicate widely with each student to determine their goals, their areas of weaknesses and strengths, and develop customized teaching strategies that maximize outcomes for learning.

Qualified Teachers: We have highly qualified teachers who help the students, listen to their concerns, give suggestions, and support in every way.

Flexibility in Scheduling: Students can change their study schedule according to their preferences, because sometimes our schedule does not suit their preferences or other responsibilities outside of work.


A Personalized Learning Plan:

We will create a personalized learning plan based on your specific needs and goals.

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Progress Tracking:

We will track your progress and give you feedback on your progress along the way.


Flexible Scheduling:

You can schedule your tutoring sessions around your other commitments.

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Budget Friendly:

We offer affordable pricing for our tutoring services.

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Qualified instructors are available at Gradify to help you understand and memorize your subjects like science, math, and English through 1-on-1 live online tutoring. We mainly concentrate on Australia’s and the UK’s GCSE curriculum, and our tutors are highly certified and experienced.

Affordable Packages

Our affordable online tutoring packages will help you to achieve professionally. We are passionate to guiding you in reaching your educational goals and provide individualized support, knowledgeable tutors, and flexible schedule choices. Start using Gradify Tutors right away for achieving your full academic potential.

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