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Gradify offers 1 on 1 Live Online Tutoring and believes learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. We provide virtual study rooms and highly qualified staff. We follow a dedicated approach to boosting the confidence of students by adopting engaging pedagogy of teaching, which assists your wards to excel in their grades. Our tutors will assist students with their homework assignments and help them perform better on exams & quizzes, and outperform their peers as this is much needed in this competitive era.

Gratify offers 1 on 1 Live Online Tutoring for the exam in the following subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Students can individually interact with their tutor online on a shared whiteboard and study together through the subject-wise sessions. Our vetted teachers avoid juggling of multiple sessions and focus more on quality education. These sessions are designed to cater to your needs according to your time availability, aptitude, and goals for your exam preparation. As many children struggle to cope with their teacher’s instructions in classrooms, they need extra support to overcome that gap of knowledge.

Here’s a sneak peek into the key features of Gradify’s 1 on 1 Live Online Tutoring:

1 Flexible and Convenient

Gradifys is available around the clock – all 365 days to help your kids to shine in their exams. Or anywhere, anytime learning will help you gain confidence, become a strong test taker and hence improve your grades. We not only save your commuting time to in-person classes but are also pocket friendly.

2 Highly qualified and Professional Online Tutors

Our enthusiastic and well-qualified online tutors are the pillars of Gradify’s 1 on 1 Live Online Tutoring. Our dedication is the continuous improvement of your kids to reach their full potential. All our tutors have 1000+ hours of teaching experience. Our recruiting panel conducts competitive exams, interviews, and mock lessons have enabled us to form an experienced team of world-class tutors. Our professional and experienced panel of online teachers will periodically guide students and regularly monitor their overall progress. They provide unique, individualized, special plans and it works.

3 Personalized Approaches for Learning

In this stiff competitive era, classroom study cannot satisfy the needs of every student. As classrooms are blended with students of mixed abilities and teachers often adopt a similar approach to teach all students and such an approach could prompt a gap in knowledge. As a result, a few students cannot understand the instructions of their tutors and lag behind in their exams.
Gradify’s  primary goal is to give students a thorough learning experience, with a personalized touch. We provide distinct, personal, and special plans according to the needs of the wards. Our online coaching is specially planned to keep in mind, the individual student’s capabilities and caliber. By concentrating on the student’s overall performance, we will help enhance his/her true academic potential.

4 Assessment and Feedback

The comprehensive coaching by Gradify’s 1 on 1 Live Online Tutoring encompasses regular progress checks with real-time analysis reports. Both the students and the parents can track progress after monthly online tests and assignments. Our dedicated online tutors are readily available 24/7 to help students enhance their skills and crack the exam hassles and provide a collaborative learning environment.

To get effective coaching for your wards, call us today at (UK +44 207 256 4100, USA +1 888-479-7490, AU +61 1800 775768). Our expert team would be happy to help you with all your tutoring requirements.

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